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Viking Stud is a well established farm of around 150 Ultra High Pedigree Angora Goats situated in Hobart, Tasmania. Viking Stud is well known for it's superb quality Angora Mohair and sells fleece to all sorts of Clothing Manufacturers, the Fashion Industry as well as at Yearly Annual Sales. The Head Office for Viking Stud is situated in Melbourne, Australia and sells superb quality fleece to local Australian customers and International buyers all around the world.

Viking Stud is Registered SVLF & IATA & AATA
Health / Quarantine / Import / Export / Verification
Certificates processed free of charge on all Viking prefixed animals.

Angora regular reduction sales.

A selection of young stock from excellent Australian exhibition and export quality Texan, Texan / South African, South African and Scandinavian bloodlines Available. Assistance with ongoing, maintenance, breeding and continuous improvement programs freely given. Angora Goats Keep Up the Quality Fibres and products have been exhibited in overseas annual shows. (Afterposten, Sep 2002, Fe *a far*, 2002) and quality accredited.

All livestock excel in temperament and will travel (rough seas inclusive) 4-5 days as they have for previous shows and auctions with no sign of stress.

All Mohair is processed into 8 ply knitting yarn.

Mohair blankets and various other products of similar combinations, as well as quilts are available.

All processing is done by qualified contractors.

Accredited quality stock in their prime age.

A sustainable percentage is the outcome of imports,
A-1 and embryo transplant projects for improvement of fleece quality, conformation and breed purity.

These animals are becoming line bred and the key pedigree is producing well above average fleeces in terms of quality and weight.

All stock are tattooed, pedigree and registered or pending registration.

For more information: Email Us Here
Or Telephone Viking Stud on 0415 11 88 20
International Telephone: +61 415 11 88 20


The famous Australasian Stock Show & Sale Yards in
Victoria where all of the best High Quality Fleece is sold.

Eighteen Month old Key Pedigree Does.

Viking Stud is Registered SVLF & IATA & AATA


About Viking Stud    |    Contact Us    |    Angora Goats    |    Spiritual Workshops    |    Interpreter Services

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